Rite de Passage II Solo 2

// creation CND

Two chaotic worlds confide in each other 
One asks for initiation, the other feels vulnerable 
And so silence invites itself in, breath arrives 
One address and movement appears 
Percussive music summons the sacred 
A series of tremors, slow motions, bursts 
Punctuate space taken up 
Meech’s blaze makes way for Onomo family history 
Shed skin, allow oneself to 
Let go in the celebration 
The rite of passage takes shape step by step 
Invites sharing an experience of the shift 
With age-old gestures that intertwine 
With the body’s present cry 
Shadow and light deploy delicately 
An in-between world
Of life and death, 
Of visible and invisible, 
Of standstill and liberation 

YEAR :  

50 minutes 


Conception // Bintou Dembélé 
Initiated// Michel « Meech » Onomo 
Lighting Design// Emmanuel Gary  
Musical Creation// Charles Amblard 
Additive Music // Drumming – Phase I – Steve Reich, Colin Currie
Sound Mixing// Vincent Hoppe
Costumes // Annie Melza
Production // La Structure Rualité  
Coproduction & Support // Ateliers Médicis (Clichy-Sous-Bois /Montfermeil), CND Centre National de la Danse

Partial funding and residency // le T2G Théâtre de Gennevilliers – CDN (Pantin), Centre de la danse GPS&O Pierre-Doussaint (Les Mureaux), Antre- Peaux (Bourges)
Joint Research // Villa Médicis (Rome), Villa Albertine (Chicago) Francis Kurkdjian Endowment