« The groove begins with a context, a soundscape, an ambiance,

A rhythm that sets in unannounced, 

an instant to seize, to suspend.

Some experience it from the inside, others visualize it or are simply into it.

I live it, I can’t explain it.

Pure selfishness, a moment that belongs to us and sets the tempo, but that leads to sharing after a while.

We are together, we celebrate each other with a glance, a gesture, or a syncope.

To each their own groove. » 

G.R.O.O.V.E. is a deambulatory experience irrigated by the artistic approach led by Bintou Dembélé for over twenty years. Choreographic excerpts from the Opera-Ballet Les Indes Galantes, projections of short films on cultures of dissent from the margins, performances in concert form, in baroque form take over the space. The light art by Benjamin Nesmet recreates street lighting in the opera. Guided by the voice of Célia Kameni, the public is invited to give itself over to Charles Amblard’s guitar and lapsteel, and to follow the street dancers to Bintou’s side. Together, they take over and redirect the space, to invite you to join them and to celebrate one another.